April 20th

Excuse my unpunctual uploads, but i have been preparing for my GCSE exams, however i have decided that i will be uploading a new outfit every Saturday before 18:00. Please subscribe and check out my twitter for additional posts; https://twitter.com/Rudihenrystyle Also like and share this wherever you can. Thank you!

Vivienne Westwood khaki trench-coat

Daniel Hechter slim fitted jumper

Zara Slim fit jeans

Christian Dior Chelsea boots

Oliver Goldsmith tortoiseshell

March 6th

The North Face jacket donated by Mr James Hayes. And no. 'Swag' is not the objective of this upload! Please check out my twitter and share this with your friends if you want to.


The North Face 'camo' Jacket

Jack Wills Winter thick Jumper

Superdry checkered thick shirt

Top Man grey skinny jeans

Nike Air forces

March 4th

Evening all, sorry for the delay in posts. This is due to exams aka; tonnes and tonnes of revision. Any-hoo uploads will be frequent and back to normal as of now! I have also got a new twitter page so please check that out by clicking the 'twitter' link at the top of my website. Also don't forget to click the like button if you like it and click the share button regardless...  

Thank you!

All Saints thick striped loose jumper

Zara black skinny jeans

Jack Wills winter beanie

Supra Footwear Co. 'MUSKA 001'

Fossil wrist-watch